Substitute Management From TimeClock Plus

  •   Substitute Teacher Scheduling
  •   Leave and Absence Management
  •   Instant Mobile Notifications

Substitute Teacher Requests and Scheduling Made Simple

End the headaches of making phone calls, endless texts, and cumbersome emails. SubSearch Plus is the solution for your school district, teachers, and substitutes.
Substitute Management Dashboard
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Automated Sub Requests

Notify and assign qualified substitutes with highly configurable, automated offers.

Request Your Favorite Sub

Preferred substitute lists for teachers who want assurances that their children are in capable hands.

Fully Integrated Solution

Leave, hours, and substitutes can all be managed from a single application.

Mobile App Notifications

3-way mobile notifications help your teachers, substitutes, and administrators all stay on the same page.

Time and Attendance

Track and pay for substitute time along with your other employees - and easily associate costs to accounting codes.


Only pay for what you need with our flexible licensing model that lets you save money while saving time.

Transparency For All

Enable substitutes to manage their time and schedules while making informed decisions when accepting assignments.

Count On Our Expertise

TimeClock Plus offers a specialized team for SubSearch Plus configuration and support.

How SubSearch Plus Works

From start to finish, our online substitute teacher management system gets the job done!
Request A Substitute
Request a Substitute

Teachers put in their request for a substitute. They can even request a specific sub.

Substitute Request Notification
Notifications Sent To Subs

Substitutes teachers are notified of the opening and administrators have real-time visibility.

Substitute Teacher Confirmation
Confirmation Notifications

Once it has been accepted all teachers and administrators receive a confirmation notification.

Time and Attendance Data
Time Collection Data

Time collection data is gathered and stored into the TimeClock Plus application.

SubSearch Plus is the substitute management system you’ve been looking for

TimeClock Plus Subsearch Plus
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Substitute Teacher Scheduling Done Right

Historically, school administrators and teachers have urgently worked through call trees or fumbled through overly-complicated applications in their best-effort to identify qualified substitutes who are available at a specific time, on a specific day, and often with little notice.

These cumbersome processes are time-consuming and often fruitless as time runs out and the school day approaches. SubSearch Plus removes the guesswork from substitute management with easy-to-use, automated functionality at your fingertips.

TimeClock Plus Desktop Time Off Request
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Leave and Absence Management Built-In

Empower teachers, substitutes, and administrators to work collaboratively to schedule leave and cover classrooms. With 1 in 4 full-time teachers absent more than two weeks per school year, you need an all-in-one solution for leave, accruals, and substitute management.

  • SubSearch Plus eliminates the stress of finding subs with real-time dashboards, reports, and mobile alerts.
  • Find and assign substitutes, track their time, and allocate sub expenses all within the TimeClock Plus platform.
  • See coverage statistics and provide greater transparency with mobile apps.
TimeClock Plus Desktop View Hours
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Mobile Employee Management

Subsearch Plus uses the TimeClock Plus Mobile Manager which enables you to take the most critical administrative features of TimeClock Plus on-the-go. Whether on a school trip, in a meeting, or walking the campus, the MobileManager allows access to a real-time snapshot of employee information, helping you to make meaningful and time-sensitive business decisions.

Schedule a Demo of SubSearch Plus

Schedule a time for a TimeClock Plus Solutions Consultant to contact and demonstrate how SubSearch Plus will simplify the substitute teacher booking proccess.

TimeClock Plus for K-12

Helping over 4,500+ school districts nationwide in the K-12 industry, we understand the complexities in completing everyday tasks such as managing annualized employees with contracts, scheduling bus drivers with unique transportation routes, and dealing with variations in the payroll process like weighted/blended overtime.

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